BOB III-bass, guitar JOHN SON- drums FRANKLIN STEIN-vocals SE—OR-guitar, bass

"Blowback" is a CIA term for the unintended consequences of intelligence operations. The attacks on the World Trade Center, Bin Laden, the Mujahideen, and the killings of numerous US citizens are all examples of blowback -- the vultures of CIA operations abroad coming home to roost.

The band BLOWBACK formed in Washington DC in the wake of the elections of 2000 by friends and former members of the Colombian Neckties (Charleston SC) and Rugburn (DC). Now, they do most of their work cross-country, but continue to use DC as a home base.

BLOWBACK often performs at political convergences and rallies, having blasted unsuspecting crowds of 10,000+ at numerous protests, political conventions and impromptu concerts in front of the Dept. of Justice, FBI and even in Farragut Square during a city-wide shutdown. BLOWBACK has organized and delivered a number of petition drives to Capitol Hill, including grassroots actions to bring Pinochet to justice and repeal the Patriot Act.

Their songs have found their way into film ("Bodybags", featured in the Sundance award-winning What Alice Found), national landmarks (a reworking of the labor song "We Shall Not Be Moved", featured in the Brown v. Board of Education National Historic Site) and TV ("Fuck War", debuted at an anti-globalization rally at the Washington Monument and broadcast by C-SPAN, curiously unedited).

String Break Featured



SEI HEXE - "Tight song structure... earthy with tribal rhythms and chanted, almost gothic vocals at times...and from the wreckage create something new and refreshing."

BALSA - "Chaotic dual guitar arrangements over steady bass melodies, post-hardcore style vocals and off the wall drum patterns."

- Profane Existence

Razorcake Review of Balsa Sei Hexe Split SEI HEXE - "Itís dark, aggressive, tribal, and gets under your skin... I have a feeling they probably kill this shit live"

BALSA - "Three songs packed tight with steady drum fills and pulsing bass that keep things rolling"

- Razorcake